Translation components API.

See the Weblate's Web API documentation for detailed description of the API.

GET /api/components/pdfcreator/messages/
Content-Type: application/json
Vary: Accept

    "name": "Messages",
    "slug": "messages",
    "id": 4,
    "source_language": {
        "code": "en",
        "name": "English",
        "plural": {
            "id": 68,
            "source": 0,
            "number": 2,
            "formula": "n != 1",
            "type": 1
        "aliases": [
        "direction": "ltr",
        "web_url": "",
        "url": "",
        "statistics_url": ""
    "project": {
        "name": "PDFCreator",
        "slug": "pdfcreator",
        "id": 1,
        "web": "",
        "web_url": "",
        "url": "",
        "components_list_url": "",
        "repository_url": "",
        "statistics_url": "",
        "changes_list_url": "",
        "languages_url": "",
        "translation_review": false,
        "source_review": false,
        "set_language_team": true,
        "instructions": "Dear translator!\r\n\r\nWe are happy you would like to help us translate PDFCreator to more languages.  In order to start translating, all you have to do is register for the translation tool Weblate. This is quick and easy and we have prepared a little description for you below:\r\n\r\n1. Register with either Facebook, GitHub or your e-mail address (no data required  other than your name and e-mail). \r\n2. Shortly after you have clicked on Register you will receive an e-mail with a link  to confirm your e-mail address. Once you have clicked on the link, you can set  a password for your account.\r\n3. Choose your languages. \r\n4. Click on Dashboard/Suggested Translations in the upper menu to see the projects that need translation. \r\n5. Click on Translate on the right side of the page and you will be guided  through the terms that still need to be approved or translated. \r\n\r\nThank you for helping us to make PDFCreator as accessible as possible for people around the world. Your help means a lot. For any questions please contact us at:\r\n\r\nYou can also find this guid with screenshots as PDF here:\r\n",
        "enable_hooks": true,
        "language_aliases": ""
    "vcs": "git",
    "repo": "",
    "git_export": "",
    "branch": "master",
    "push_branch": "",
    "filemask": "Source/Languages/*/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po",
    "template": "",
    "edit_template": false,
    "intermediate": "",
    "new_base": "Source/Languages/messages.pot",
    "file_format": "po",
    "license": "",
    "license_url": null,
    "agreement": "",
    "web_url": "",
    "url": "",
    "repository_url": "",
    "translations_url": "",
    "statistics_url": "",
    "lock_url": "",
    "links_url": "",
    "changes_list_url": "",
    "task_url": null,
    "new_lang": "add",
    "language_code_style": "",
    "push": "",
    "check_flags": "",
    "priority": 100,
    "enforced_checks": [],
    "restricted": false,
    "repoweb": "{{branch}}/{{filename}}#L{{line}}",
    "report_source_bugs": "",
    "merge_style": "rebase",
    "commit_message": "Translated using Weblate ({{ language_name }})\r\n\r\nCurrently translated at {{ stats.translated_percent }}% ({{ stats.translated }} of {{ stats.all }} strings)",
    "add_message": "Added translation using Weblate ({{ language_name }})",
    "delete_message": "Deleted translation using Weblate ({{ language_name }})",
    "merge_message": "Merge branch '{{ component_remote_branch }}' into Weblate.\n\n",
    "addon_message": "Update translation files\n\nUpdated by \"{{ hook_name }}\" hook in Weblate.\n\nTranslation: {{ project_name }}/{{ component_name }}\nTranslate-URL: {{ url }}",
    "allow_translation_propagation": true,
    "manage_units": false,
    "enable_suggestions": true,
    "suggestion_voting": false,
    "suggestion_autoaccept": 0,
    "push_on_commit": true,
    "commit_pending_age": 2,
    "auto_lock_error": true,
    "language_regex": "^[^.]+$",
    "variant_regex": "",
    "addons": [],
    "is_glossary": false,
    "glossary_color": "silver"